Jeff Morgan

Health & Nutrition

Jeff has been working in the Health and Fitness industry as a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Performance Coach since 2003.

Jeff founded MOTIVFIT with this wife, Carrie Morgan, who is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutritionist.  Together they provide fitness and nutrition coaching for hard working men and woman in Henderson, NV.

Through MOTIVFIT’S Optimal Health System™, they focus on your fitness, nutrition, and mindset to create lasting change and empower you to look healthy, be active and feel strong.

Since 2003, MOTIVFIT has helped over 5,000 hard working men and woman become fit, healthy and strong. Over the years they have seen many clients embrace health and fitness as a part of their life, while reducing health risks, eliminating medications, and enjoying an active lifestyle. 

Jeff loves to spend time outdoors hiking, jet skiing, soaking up the sun and traveling to exotic beach destinations.