Adnan Khawaja


Adnan is a visionary entrepreneur and founder of several companies in the realm of marketing, healthcare and telehealth. He specializes in providing Web, Marketing and Print strategies, Software Solutions, Online Marketing, Mobile App Development and Branding. He has been associated with several businesses over the last decade where his experience in technology and online marketing helped grow each business. Additionally, Adnan is well versed in emerging online technologies that have proven beneficial to his clients.

Adnan was born and raised in Pakistan, but moved to the United States in his late teens to continue his education at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). He completed his graduate studies in 2004 in Health Promotion and Technology. During his graduate program, he was accepted as a graduate assistant on a project that was funded by Apple Computers. His role as a technology expert helped with continuous funding and served as a tool to show outcome measures to determine chronic illnesses in Fire Fighters. In addition to his impressive education, Adnan also speaks several languages include: Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi

Adnan is very passionate about creating success as an entrepreneur. He loves sharing his wisdom in branding, technology and online marketing to help grow businesses. When Adnan is not hard at work or forming new entities, he loves playing cricket, bowling and traveling with his amazing wife.