Jake Dadon

Residential Real Estate

Jake and Rachel started their journey in the real estate filed as a homeowner’s themselves.

As soon as they saw the great benefits of real estate, they started investing in it both their time and money. After having success in the field Jake and Rachel decided they want to help other people to achieve the American dream like they did.

Once Jake’s business started growing Rachel, his wife, left her job as a VP in a retail company and joined her husband.

Jake & Rachel is client oriented and believes that in order to deliver the best service to their clients they need to truly understand the client’s needs and wants. Only then they will be able to tailor a unique “game plan” for that client.
Jake is a savvy business man, which delivers results and Rachel has the best customer service you will ever see.
Jake and Rachel are very involved in the community life, philanthropy and giving back is a large part of their lives. They value most family, leadership, integrity, and enjoying life. Clients will quickly attest to how those principles dictate their service. Rachel & Jake handles residential and commercial transactions, Jake also holds his Property Management permit to assist and advise investor clients in purchasing and overseeing rental property in Las Vegas.