Charity Maupin

Mortgage Loans

Charity Maupin is a Mortgage Consultant at OnQ Financial and she has been working in the lending business for more than 20 years. Charity is not your typical, cookie-cutter lender. She thinks outside of the box, using her knowledge and experience in the business to figure out which loan works best for each client’s needs. She knows that everyone is not the same, and every mortgage loan will not be the same. OnQ Financial offers various loan programs, including FHA, VA, Conventional, Jumbo and Down Payment Assistance programs just to name a few. Charity works with her clients every step of the process, and she truly does care about them. If someone is not quite ready at the time, she helps those clients get in position to re-finance, or purchase their dream home in the future. She is an active member of the community, participating in Las Vegas Empowering Women’s Network. In her free time, she enjoys Kickboxing, Pilates, travelling and being around her friends and family. Anyone who is interested in purchasing or refinancing a home should reach out to Charity. They can trust that with Charity helping them, they will be in good hands.


Maupin up the competition and getting loans done!