Mindy Kay

Personal Executive Coach

Mindy is President and Founder of Mindy Kay Coaching. In her over 12 years of coaching, she has been consistently recognized for her coaching style, clear communication skills, and the results her clients achieve. Mindy is a champion for creating powerful experiences and results that leave a lasting impact and connection with her clients.

Throughout the coaching process, she challenges and teaches individuals, couples, and business executives to look beyond the obvious and identify barriers as well as recognize all possibilities to achieve success. Coach Mindy is engaging, thought-provoking and insightful, guiding you to think beyond the expected and consider various angles to define your personal and professional purpose. She works closely with her clients to organize a plan of action with a focus on fulfilling professional and personal goals and dreams.   In her personal time, Coach Mindy likes to trail hike, read and attend book study, travel domestic and international, work out, create her own self-care routines and socialize with friends & family. She sets her own short term and long-term goals, and associate coaches support her in achieving these goals. She has big dreams and sets her sights on living her best life every day.

Professionally, Mindy is a seasoned coach with over a decade of coaching experience. She has logged thousands of hours of coaching sessions with hundreds of clients. She currently coaches individuals, duos, groups and has an emphasis on corporate managers, coordinators & executives. You can learn more about Coach Mindy, the coaching process and read testimonials from her clients on her website.

Coach Mindy Kay attended two coaching academies and received four coaching certificates.

  • Certified Leadership Coach (CLC)
  • Certified Performance Coach (CPC)
  • Certified Relationship Coach (CRC)
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

Personally, Coach Mindy has acquired plenty of life experience during her fantastic 50+ years of life. Mindy has thrived through her own childhood, marriage of 25 years, divorce, blended family, stepchildren, children, grandchildren, dating, 2nd marriage, death of friends & family, business startups, entrepreneurship & more.

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