Tes Hankel

Promotional Advertising

Tes Hankel founded Logofusion, a Promotional marketing distributorship in 2005, after more than 14 years in corporate multi-unit, multi-state management. She was raised in Atlantic Beach, Florida outside of Jacksonville and attended the University of North Florida where she received a BA in Management. Tes considered herself shy as a youth. She never considered sales as a career, but after getting her first order at her first sales call early on in her career she was hooked. Stuart Smalley’s affirmation “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me” became a credo. Tes also enjoys assisting with mentoring programs whether it be career development or new business development. In her previous corporate roles, she served as the Diversity Chair and participated with a number of non-profit organizations. In 2008, Logofusion received the New Business of the Year award from NV Minority Business Development Council. Having been on both sides of the promo hunting process, Tes’ goal is to partner with her clients to not only effectively meet their event and promotional item goals, but to offer them options to make each client touch memorable.